Gaétan Beauchamp

100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway: Gaétan Beauchamp knife to be raffled at BLADE Show

If this knife looks familiar, that is because it was highlighted in the June issue of Knife Magazine. And as we said in the article on Canadian knifemaker and scrimshander Gaétan Beauchamp, you could win this knife:

From Knife Magazine, june 2019

This giveaway is part of our 100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway, but it has some different rules, and requires you leave another comment on this post to enter.

It is also open to anyone who visits the Knife Magazine Booth (#47) here at the BLADE Show, registers or confirms they already are, and fills out a raffle ticket. Gaétan Beauchamp himself will be on hand at (tentatively) 4pm to draw the ticket of the lucky winner.

For those of you who are reading this at home, your entry is a comment on this post. Digital entries will be closed at 2pm on Saturday, June 8th. This will give us time to fill out a raffle ticket for every remote entry. These will go in the hopper with the entries from here at the show, and the winner will be drawn.

Enough about the drawing, lets talk about the knife.

It is what is known as “reverse scrimshaw” which means that instead of etching a light surface such as walrus tusk or mammoth ivory and applying dark ink, it is performed on a dark substrate such as water buffalo horn or black acrylic. Lighter oil paint is then applied to the etch and the excess wiped off.

From Knife Magazine, June 2019

Gaétan describes the knife as “Knife with Buffalo Horn Handle and Cowhide Sheath. Original. One of a kind. Hand Made in Canada”.

While true, this is a phenomenal understatement. This piece is a work of art, and would make a great collection piece. Not many people I know would consider this knife a “user”, though it both feels and looks like it would be a wonderful cutting instrument. It is balanced and light in the hand, sprightly even. There is a nice swell to the handle which fits my medium sized paw well. The geometry looks spot on.

The fit and finish are impeccable as this photo of the handle, liner, and bolster transition illustrates.

More of Gaétan Beauchamp’s work can be found at,, or Instagram: @Beauchampknives.

reverse side of handle

We would like to than Gaétan for his support of this giveaway, not only with the knife, but by agreeing to do the drawing here at the show, it should generate a good deal of buzz.

Remember, even if you are entered on the main 100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway, you must leave a separate comment on this post by 2pm Saturday to enter.

Good Luck.

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