Spydercollector: Spyderco C11 Delica Trainer

Once you’ve purchased and dulled your first Spyderco knife, it’s time to get a sharpener. Once you’ve mastered sharpening, you’ll find that your taste in knives changes too. You’ll become interested in all sorts of grinds and steels that offer you the best possible edge. But how about a knife that was designed to not cut at all? I got this C11 Delica trainer back when I was really into training with knives. Those days have passed but I still found a few good uses for a folding knife trainer.

The C11TR Delica was first introduced in 2001. Before its introduction, people who needed a dedicated trainer for their ‘live’ Delica would grind and dull the edge, cover it with tape (I don’t recommend this) or create a plastic or rubber mold of their knife. Along with the Delica, a trainer for the Endura has also been made. And over the years, Spyderco has made trainers for other models, such as the Temperance fixed blade, the P’kal folder and the Yojimbo. Personally, I’d love to see a trainer for the Civilian, Matriarch and the Lil’ Temperance. I realize that is not likely, since very few people appear to be interested in purchasing a trainer. The C11TR pictured here is from around 2006 when the Delica 4 was introduced.

I have never seen a review of a trainer before.  SC is the OG of Spydie.

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Review: Spyderco C11 Delica Trainer