Gaetan Beauchamp

2 weeks left for Beauchamp Giveaway (and our July 2016 Cover Article)

In case you missed it we are giving away a knife by world class scrimshander and knifemaker Gaetan Beachamp. This is the second time he has provided us with a giveaway knife. Some of you may remember that he personally drew the winner of the last one at Blade Show 2019.


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There are still two weeks to enter to win this latest knife.

To enter, all you have to do is fill out the form at this link:

The rules are simple:

All registrants for the contest get ONE entry.

Knife Magazine Print Subscribers will get an additional  entry if they select yes below Premium Online members will also get an additional entry if they select yes below.

(All subscriptions and memberships are verified by our staff.)

The maximum number of entries for any individual is three, provided all criteria is met.

Entries made past April 13 will be excluded from the competition.

International readers are eligible to enter, though they are responsible for shipping and Customs. Domestic US shipping is on us.

Since Gaetan is such a nice guy, and to help promote the contest, we are sharing our cover article from the July 2016 issue of KNIFE Magazine.

Gaetan Beauchamp

Just click on the blue box below to launch the flipbook of the article:

Gaetan Beauchamp

A big thank you to Gaetan, and Good Luck to all our entrants.