Black Friday Cyber Monday Knives

2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal Thread

Hey all, I am not finding a ton yet, but as I find deals I will start posting them here. I will update from the top, so the first ones you see will be newer than those farther down.

Update, 10am Friday – It seems like there are not many blow you away deals this year. Either bonus gifts for purchase levels or generalized sitewide discounts seem to be the name of the game this year.

Here we go…let’s try to wring something good out of 2020.


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Their deals are a little disorganized, but I like the $98.95 Kershaw Lucha.

DPx Gear:






GP Knives:


This just came out from BladeHQ:


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KnifeCenter: (Sale Link)

Cyber Monday has become Cyber Week – The $39.95 Buck 110 is one of the best deals I have seen in my browsing.


Knife Depot: (Link to Sale)

Discounts up to 60%, but most in the 20%-30% range. $25.99 for a CRKT Minimalist isn’t a bad price.

Cyber Monday begin ^^^^^

Coast: Cyber Week Sale– 30% sitewide, and up to 70% off specific products. Great opportunity to buy flashlights and headlamps in particular.

BladeHQ: Black Friday Sales page. (I shared the video earlier). The Bear and Sons Balisong is the first thing I have seen I am thinking of buying myself.

SOG: “Save 20% on almost everything”

GP Knives: Black Friday Sale Page. Again, the theme of freebies added on rather than ridiculous low prices on specific models.

SMKW: There is another post below, but here is their current Flash Sale. 38 items on sale for the next 22 hours.

Buck Knives: (Link to Sale Page)

Markdowns of about 30% across the site.

Hoffners: Use code BLACKFRIDAY for Buy One Get One on all items, classes…everything.

CRKT: Holiday Sale Link

Nothing earthshaking, but discounts on lots of knives on their website.




BladeHQ: Lots of bonus gifts, and deals on an ESEE-3,


Bass Pro Shop:

Here is the link to “Knives and Tools” on their Black Friday Page. Multiple pages.


Smoky Mountain Knife Works:


KnifeCenter: Black Friday Sale Link

1300 items on sale, with deals ranging from 20% off to more than 50% on some items. I am sure there will be a video in the morning.