A note from the Moran Foundation – Upcoming Events

Mark asked me to pass this along. From Moran Foundation President Robert Wilson…

Good Evening,
It’s hard to believe that March is almost over, what a great month for the Academy and Foundation… a quick recap. A wonderful visit by a local Girl Scout Troop, A Fantastic Members Meeting with FIF Alumni, Butch Sheely’s Tomahawk class and then we had Charles Steffes-Clayton here for 2 days (who)? Charles is the owner of Atlas Knife and Tool and is the builder of our forges. The Forges have seen some heavy use in the last year and had some damage to the refractory coating, Charles came here from Iowa to make sure we are 100% (talk about customer service)!! Thanks Charles.
There are several very important dates and events to remember:

APRIL 6/7 We have a “Beginning Bladesmith Class” Instructor JS Ed Clarke will get you going will be teaching you the basics of the knife making process. Participants will:Forge, Rough Grind, Heat Treat, Finish Grind, and Sharpen a Full-Tang knife All phases of the process will be explained and demonstrated. If time permits, participants may even get to install a Cord-Wrapped handle. Spots are still available.

The next weekend on April 13th we will have a Display of Moran Knives at the “Interstate BBQ & Outdoor Expo” This is held at the Washington County Ag Center from 12-8. Along with a fine display of knives we will have some forging demonstrations. Check the Website for your opportunity to win a pair of free tickets to this event.

April 20/21 MS Kevin Cashen will be teaching a class on “Advanced Heat Treating” Get your ticket to this event ASAP, as you learn from the best.
Our Moran Members meeting has been moved to April 27th, Topic will be announced soon. Following the meeting our forge will be open.
This is just a sample of what’s to come this year. Become active and support the Academy and Foundation.

Last minute addition…we are down to the last 4 days to renew your membership, April 1st we will discontinue your notices…please renew today.

Robert A. Wilson
President of The William F. Moran Jr., Museum & Foundation, Inc
W.F. Moran Bladesmith & Artisan Academy
BOD American Bladesmith Society