Ammoland: 5.11 Tactical Heron Multi-Purpose Knife Review

While visiting the 5.11 booth at SHOT, the 5.11 Heron, which is a straight-bladed knife, caught my eye. I can’t tell you exactly why it caught my eye, but I was attracted to it right away and had to test it out. After testing it out, though, I was able to figure out why I was so attracted to this little knife and am now able to verbalize those thoughts.

The 5.11 Heron has almost the exact design I look for in my caping knives. In my opinion, the perfect caping knife is 2 ¼-inches long and ¾-inches wide. The 5.11 Heron knife has a 2.65-inch blade and is ¾-inches wide. So it will work great as a caping knife. So, keep that in mind when you’re looking for a caping knife.

Interesting angle. I see where he gets  caping knife from this, but it wasn’t my first thought.

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5.11 Tactical Heron Multi-Purpose Knife Review