AMMOLAND: CIVIVI Brazen Folding Knife Review

If you’re looking for a stoutly built self-defense knife, check out the Civivi Button Lock Brazen folder. While it is stoutly made, it has a semi-thin profile, which makes it comfortable to carry. But make no mistake, it is a stoutly built knife.

I would say that when shopping for a self-defense knife you want to make sure and check to ensure that it offers a firm grip. But really, you want a firm grip on all of your knives, don’t you? I like to keep all of my knives razor sharp so I don’t want any of them slipping.

The Civivi Button Lock Brazen folder has a full-sized handle that fits my hand perfectly. The full-size finger groove allows me to have a firm grip and there is a slight flare on the tail that helps further enhance my grip. There are grooves on the edge of the flipper stud that also helps.

I like the knife, but I hesitate to call almost any folder “defensive”.

CIVIVI Brazen Folding Knife