Ammoland: Folding Fish Pro Fillet 5″ Knife Review

I had just flown home from a two-week trip and noticed that I’d received some Rapala knives to test. I had a backpacking trip that I was going on four days later and thought that the Rapala 5” Folding Fish Pro Fillet knife would be an awesome knife to carry for two reasons:

  1. It is a folding fillet knife so it would be compact.
  2. It is lightweight.

Literally, a few days before I was to head out on the backpacking trip, I got an invitation to go to Eastern Idaho to visit the River Retreat Lodge and fish with them, which turned out to be an awesome trip. The first day, we were going to hike into the backcountry and flyfish. The second day, we were going to drift the South Fork of the Snake River in a drift boat. Beautiful country. I fished with the owner, John Douville, for two days and his buddy Charly for one day. For a fun trip, you ought to check them out.

Claycomb seems to like this. I will stick with a fixed blade Martinni Rapala. It is a classic.

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Rapala Folding Fish Pro Fillet 5″ Knife Review