Ammoland: Knives & the Second Amendment, a Scholarly Analysis

Back in 2013 the first detailed scholarly analysis of knives and the Second Amendment was published in the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform (vol. 47, pages 167-215).

Authored by noted Second Amendment scholars David Kopel, Clayton Cramer, and Joe Olson, the paper makes the case for knives as “arms” protected by the Second Amendment, supporting one of Knife Rights’ foundational tenets.

Knife Rights applauded these scholars for this long-overdue effort. This is a great start on the sort of scholarly work needed to assist in potential legal cases down the road. The arguments made and supported in this article will also support our legislative efforts to roll back knife bans and oppose proposed new restrictions on knives.

The complete article “Knives and the Second Amendment” can be downloaded at

It remains one of the most important works of 2A writing on knives. You can download at the link above, or read it online at

Knives & the Second Amendment, a Scholarly Analysis