Ammoland: Smith’s Titania II Folding Knife Review

We’re heading to Alaska with the world-renowned Waterfall Resort Alaska to fish. I’m super excited about this trip. I’ve been saving my writing money for many years. Two years ago, we had to cancel because of the pandemic. Then in 2022, my daughter moved her wedding from September to July, which took priority. So I had a trip planned for the third time in July 2023. Then in May of 2023, she told me she was pregnant. But she said no biggie; she’s my fishing buddy, so she’s still in.

So with all of the above said, I’m taking a bunch of Smith’s Consumer Products knives along to test. There is regular outdoor weather, and then there is Alaska weather. If gear holds up in Alaska, then it is good to go anywhere.

On trips, you want to test gear before you go for two reasons. To become familiar with it and to make sure that it is functional. Especially on deal-breaking items such as rifles/shotguns, ammo, clothing, etc. But sometimes, you don’t always get to do that as a writer. But I’ve worked with Smith’s for probably over fifteen years, so I feel comfortable taking their knives and sharpeners without using them beforehand and will test them on this fishing trip.

Famous last words. Though I doubt an experienced outdoor writer like Claycomb has a tried and true knife with him to rely on.

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