BearingArms: Australian Politicians Now Talking ‘Knife Control’ After Mall, Church Attacks

In a move that surprises literally no-one…

The high-profile stabbings at a shopping mall and church could result in a crackdown on knife ownership in Australia, but its also prompted a wave of criticism over the country’s current laws, which make it incredibly difficult for the average citizen to possess a firearm, and almost never for self-defense. Concealed carry? Forget about it. If you’re a rural farmer you might be able to possess a pump-action shotgun to protect your family and your livestock, but almost everyone else is out of luck; even security guards.

“At least the cleaner’s got a broom, but a security guard won’t be carrying anything except a radio,” said Ben Reis, a casual security guard from Newcastle, in a phone interview.

“I’ve been in a shopping centre and I’ve caught people stealing and I can’t do anything, I can just watch them walk,” he added.

The attacks have also lifted the lid on growing public unease about non-gun violence that drove the state government of New South Wales, of which Sydney is the capital, to double prison terms for public knife crimes months earlier.

Sounds like a pretty good argument to allow people to protect themselves, doesn’t it? Not to many Australian politicians, apparently.
Australia has been on the decline since they decided to learn precisely the wrong lesson from the Port Arthur Massacre back in 1996.