BestKnivesReviews: Vosteed Corgi

Vosteed Corgi is an excellent EDC Knife. Yue Dong paid special attention to the knife design, making it aesthetically pleasing. However, its ergonomics are not so great.

Vosteed knives follow the motto of ‘stay sharp, stay wild.’ They try their best to bridge the gap between designers, manufacturers and knife enthusiasts, which is important in making the knife as usable as possible.

Vosteed is a very new knife company, established in 2021 by Johnny and Yue, who believe in building a knife community. Yue Dong is one of the major in-house designers and engineers of the brand, along with Rob Saniscalchi, who ensures the aesthetics of the knives and makes them appealing in a form of art.

The author of this review commented on a different Corgi review we shared on the newsfeed. I checked out his site, and read several reviews of knives I know well.  From an evaluation point of view, I largely agree with most of his assessments.

The writing is a little choppy, as it appears that English is his second language, but that is no big deal. I have shared a bunch of Nemo’s reviews (, and I actually enjoy reading (in that case) a Frenchman’s perspective. The Knife Community is worldwide. It is likely you will see more from BestKnivesReviews in the future.


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Vosteed Corgi Review