Blade Show 2023 Day 2

Hey everyone…

We are back for another whirlwind Replay of a whirlwind of a day. I am getting about a 90 minute late start on this, because there were website troubles, and I had to deal with that before I could even start uploading pictures.

The cover shot was actually at the end of the day, when we had most of the KNIFE Magazine crew at the booth. Left to Right – David Beckler (Sales/Mkt. Manager), Me (Digital Poobah), Mark Zalesky (Owner/Editor/Publisher/Grand Poobah), Neal Punchard and Matthew Parkinson (Staff Correspondents), and Vince Harris (Offic Manager). Not pictured are Frank Carl and Steve Dick, also KNIFE correspondents and also at the show.

The lines were not as long this morning, but even so, excellent reading material was provided courtesy of KNIFE. Much more interesting to read than the Blade Show floor map, and we won’t run down your battery like surfing your phone.

Before things opened up, I had a few minutes to chat with Patrick Rollins of ESEE, one of the nicest and most knowledgeable folks you will find.

ESEE has finally been able to release the Ashley Game Knife (AGK) in S35VN. It has been long anticipated and has now arrived. Their Libertarian chopper, formerly part of their “ExPat” series, has now been onshored as well.

One of my first stops was at UltiClip


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I stopped in to see Stephan Fowler, and his new Tiger Stripe Damascus pattern.


I stopped in a the Carter Cutlery table to have my Funayuki (which I bought at Blade Show 2015) touched up. Carter-san wasn’t there, but anyone who Murray trusts to sharpen knives is going to be pretty fantastic, and          didn’t disappoint.

I returned to the booth to find Chris from Renegade EDC, whom I had met the previous night at the WE reception, arriving with a trio of their EDC handkerchiefs for Mark, Vince, and Me.

I have a feeling that we will be hearing more from Chris in the future.


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A little balisong action from the “Siberia” room, which was more densely packed than the main hall.

Just a random photo of Peter Martin and J. Neilsen.

Forged in Fire Champion Josh Navarette used his newfound popularity to help start a non-profit which is helping veterans and first responders learn to make knives.

Alec Wachtman (wachtman knife and tool) is an up and coming maker who really impressed me.I thought that making a connection with Dogwood Dan Eastland would perhaps help him way in some small way in the future..

His secret weapon is his fiance MayLee. She practically grabbed me while I was walking down the aisle to ensure that I had a chance to talk wit Alec.

I had the chance to visit with Steve T, one of our long running commenters on the website. We walked around the show for a bit, and ended up meeting back up in the Pit this evening.

He also got to watch me agonize over pulling the trigger on this beautiful little jigged bone mini-trapper slipjoint from Michael “Pappy” O’Machearlahey. Pappy has long been near the top of my “I need to buy a knife from that guy”, and this ended up being the year.

Apropos of nothng at all, here is a Buck 119 with some sick stabilized Maple scales. And a Chipped Flint finish.

It comes from Buck’s Custom Shop, which you can read more about here…

I ended up my day just walking around the show with Dogwood Dan. He had a list of people he needed to visit while on a break from his booth and I thought I would tag along.

WIth Stephan Fowler, again.


With Knight Rights’ Doug Ritter.

Me with Fowler’s friend Wes, who restores razors among his other talents.

Finally, as far as the working day went, I attended a reception with Kizer knives. Not being able to send staff to the States for shows the last few years hurt them a bit, as some of their rivals were able to take advantage of the vacuum.

But they are back now, and that is a good thing for the industry as a whole.

I did make it out to the Pit for a while, but I think I am going to make a standalone Pit post later. It is 3am and I am gassed. I have 4.5 hours until I have to be back at the show, but I wanted to get this out for everyone.

Have a good one all, and I will talk to you again soon. 9-2 Sunday, pack up, and drive home.



















One of the cooler parts of the day was meeting up with one of our readers, Steve T.