Blade Show 2023: Setup Day

Howdy folks…

It has been a  whirlwind of an 8 hours since I arrived in Atlanta, following a very smooth 3 hour and change drive down from Knoxville.

The first sight your average Blade Show visitor sees is the Waverly Hotel, which is adjacent to the Cobb Galleria, and is where I will be headed shortly after finishing this post. I am staying within easy walking distance, and will be headed to the Pit to see if anything is happening. (a likely bet).

Move in Day is always a bit odd (not as odd as Sunday, but that is a topic for after the show, not when it is in its infancy.

It is interesting to watch the giant barn of a space transform into the epicenter of the knife universe in a few short hours.

I arrived about 90 minutes prior to Mark, which gave me time to get the badges, and unload my truck. I did run into a few folks of note, Uncle Ethan and the KA-BAR Crew, Jim and Scott Bruhns, Allen and Val Elishewitz, Dogwood Dan, and the Ritters and the other folks of Knife Rights.

Didn’t take pictures, everyone is hot and busy, I got the tables set up in the booth, and then it was time to help Mark unload his car.

After finishing what we would do today on the booth, I left Mark and checked into my hotel. I went to the Custom Knife Collector’s Association banquet, and am trying to shake off a food coma so I can make a good showing at the Pit.

Lots more pictures to come, and more importantly, much more to say. But I wanted to check in this evening, and begin to bring you some coverage of the show. Even if it was the boring BTS stuff.

If you are at the show and want to meet up, stop by Booth 47 or shoot me a text 865- I am going to break this up 964 so the bots don’t start spamming me 6403.  But I would love to meet our readers and say hello.