Blade Show 2023: Ultimate YouTube Booth Visit Round Up

Hey all,

As you probably know, using video as a medium is a full time pursuit, and not one I have mastered. So I figure the best thing to do is leave that to the experts. By embedding Youtube videos, the creator gets the view and credit, and you all get a one-stop show to see all of the new knives at Blade Show 2023.

As always David C. Andersen and the KnifeCenter crew were omnipresent on the floor. BladeHQ’s videos were not booth visits, rather they covered the Balisong competition, and other happenings around the show. SMKW did new knife model videos, but they combined them into multiples which don’t fit this format.

The other primary source for these videos is SharpAF. I met the channels creator, Chris, at the Kizer reception. Nice guy, and judging by his recent video on the Benchmade Narrows, he isn’t afraid to tell you what he really thinks.

I will continue to add to this as new videos come out.

Acta non Verba:

Artisan Cutlery/CJRB:




BUCK Knives:


Case Knives:







Jack Wolf Knives:






Maniago Knife Makers (MKM):











WE Knife Co: