BladeHQ and KnivesShipFree share April Fools Posts

I can’t remember when exactly it started, but several years ago BladeHQ put out a post “selling” a combination exacto-blade fidget spinner. It kicked off a trend, with plenty of other companies doing similar over the years. This year, the two that landed in my lap are BladeHQ’s and KnivesShipFree’s submissions…

We know KnivesShipFree first and foremost as a knife dealer; but the company has an extensive Research and Development arm, pushing knife technology forward by leaps and bounds with every release. This year KSF CEO and head of R&D J Rouch may have outdone himself, giving new meaning to the term “cutting edge” with the Lacerator Mk. 5, the first completely serrated knife.

“When you think about it, aren’t all knives only partially serrated?” asks Rouch as he applies a fresh bandage to his index finger. “Most parts of your average knife – the handle, clip, pivot – have no edge at all, let alone a serrated one!” For Rouch, this severe lack of serrations has been a sticking point since he was a kid. He alludes to his first serrated knife, purchased many moons ago. “It only had 3.5 inches of serrations!” he laments. Even today, as a dealer who regularly handles the best of the custom and production worlds, Rouch can’t help but notice all the unsharpened surfaces left on this quality cutlery. “Who says you should only have serrations on the blade?”

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KnivesShipFree Innovates Again with SurroundSerration Technology

BladeHQ’s entry: