COOL MATERIAL: Perfect Pocket Knife? Here’s Where To Start

There’s a certain type of guy out there who wonders why men should even carry a pocket knife these days. But all it takes is adding the right knife to your everyday carry for a week or two to realize just how useful the right knife can be. From cutting fruit to opening boxes to cutting off that loose thread hanging from your shirt.

Whether you’re wondering what the best pocket knives are (even for the guys who think they don’t need a pocket knife) or looking for the perfect EDC knife that won’t break the bank, you’ll find it here, from multi-tools to fixed blades to teeny folding knives.

Welcome to Cool Material’s comprehensive guide to all things pocket knives.

It’s an affiliate link farm, but I included it because it links to several, more specific niche guides. And the inclusion of Tony Bose Case knives and the DPx Hest shows that the author actually has more than a surface understanding of EDC Knives.

Read the whole thing:

Looking for the Perfect Pocket Knife? Here’s Where To Start