Tales from the Tang Stamp

Daniels Family Knife Brands introduces Tales from the Tang Stamp

From our January 2022 issue:

Daniels Family Knife Brands launches new Blog, and spins a good yarn

Daniels Family Knife Brands (DFKB) has launched a new blog. On it you will find the expected articles on the history of their brands, Napanock, Excelsior, and Tuna Valley Cutlery, company announcements, as well as contests, “Easter eggs”, and the like. While the articles are thorough and interesting and the announcements informative, the centerpiece of the endeavor is an ongoing work of fiction, penned by former Knife World contributor David L. Anthony. “Tales from the Tang Stamp” follows the exploits of Douglas Stacy, a turn of the (20th) century traveling knife salesman and proprietor of Bronze Lantern Cutlery and Oddities Exchange of Ironton, Ohio where present day Daniels Family Knife Brands just happens to be located.

While Mr. Stacy is a fictional character, he will find himself in the midst of a series of real historical events as he rides the rails and travels aboard paddle-wheel steamships. There will be mysteries, adventures, and of course knives. As the story unfolds over the coming months, expect present day DFKB releases corresponding to historical patterns mentioned in the text. An example to look for in the coming year will be a Cotton Sampler, which highlights Ryan Daniels’ belief that the story “will provide a new and innovative way to reach their customers, and actively encourage the fans to participate in helping to decide on details for upcoming projects”.

Two installments of the series are now live at the www.danielsfamilyknifebrands.com website. Click “Blog” on the menu bar. The first introduces Stacy and explains his background coming from a family of cutlers, and the second is a Christmas story. We don’t want to spoil them here, but according to author David Anthony, “If you enjoy real history (and knives!) mixed with fictional characters, this story should connect with you”.


Chapter 1: History, Mystery, and Intrigue

Chapter 2:Is it really Christmas?