December Issue Delay: A note from Publisher Mark Zalesky

Update from the Publisher:

Subscribers to the print edition of KNIFE Magazine may have noticed that as 2022 has progressed, your issues have been delivered a little later than usual. This has been the result of labor shortages at our Illinois-based printer, delaying the scheduled printing of magazines by several days each month.

Our December edition encountered a much longer delay, due to a supply chain shortage of the paper on which KNIFE Magazine is printed. That issue finally mailed out yesterday and delivery should begin next week. The January issue will be delayed as well, for the same reason, and this may continue for a while.

After 25+ years in this business I never thought I’d see a day that we would struggle to find paper to print on, or people to print the magazine, but here we are. By now, most of us have encountered problems like these with other businesses, and apparently, we are not immune to them.

I want you to know that we are committed to creating KNIFE Magazine on a timely schedule, and are investigating other print/mail options as we move forward. Should future issues arrive on different paper, in different packaging, etc., it will be because we are trying to get a great magazine to you faster.

Thank you for your subscription and your support of the very best in knife journalism, from the only independent publisher in the knife business.

Mark Zalesky
KNIFE Magazine