EverydayCarry: Hogue MagnaCut Deka

When Crucible’s latest and greatest steel hit the market, knife enthusiasts and collectors had a reason to be excited. The new steel—dubbed MagnaCut—was a true evolution of metallurgy. Without nerding out too much on the details (the creator, Larrin Thomas, goes into extensive detail himself in a blog post about the creation of the steel), MagnaCut’s goal was to combine and balance the best parts of the best steels into a one. The result was a powder stainless steel that had incredible toughness and edge retention while still having amazing corrosion resistance, second only to specialized corrosion-resistant steels like Vanax or LC200N.

Hogue has been an early adopter of MagnaCut. They debuted it last year on the polymer-framed Dekas.

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