EverydayCarry: The Ultimate Guide to Utility Knives

You may have come across a utility knife in a buying guide or roundup of everyday carry knives and wondered, “What is a utility knife?” Or “what is a utility knife used for?” What exactly sets them apart from other pocket knives? And why should they earn a spot in your toolkit? Luckily, we’re here to answer your questions.

This guide explains what a utility knife is used for, the different types of utility knives available with some of our recommended picks, and some safety tips you should know when using a utility knife.

In simple terms, a utility knife is a knife built for multi-purpose use as opposed to self-defense. These knives have a history dating back thousands of years and have been used for various tasks, including cutting, hunting, carving, cooking, and camping. Over the years, they have evolved into more practical designs with innovative features, technologies, and mechanisms that make them indispensable.

A typical utility knife comprises several key components, including a handle, blade, pocket clip, and, in some cases, additional features like blade release mechanisms, locking mechanisms, retractable mechanisms, or folding capabilities. Each of these components has different functions but works to provide users with a reliable cutting tool suitable for different use cases.

I have an Outdoor Edge Sidewinder on my go bag. But there are lots of good options, including the new Civivi.

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