EverydayCarry’s Top 10 Best Hunting Knives

The first everyday carry knife carried by someone in the field was likely a hunting knife. While the blades of old have fallen by the wayside, the venerable hunting knife still has a place in modern EDC usage. That’s especially the case if you hunt or fish regularly. But the practical and convenient design of hunting knives makes them a solid choice even if you don’t stalk down the food you put on your table. The best hunting knives have quality blade steel and a focus on design fundamentals that allow them to pull dual-duty as outdoor knives. And you can rely on these blades to get you through an emergency.

Most of the best hunting knives feature a reliable fixed-blade construction with a full tang that can take more abuse than a folder. Those hunting knives that opt to keep a folding design have an overbuilt locking mechanism that can keep up with rough use. Unlike most tactical and survival knives, the best hunting knives feature strong ergonomics because they’re built around you breaking down and preparing meat after a kill. Hunting knives are meant to be used and relied upon constantly. The best examples feature a quality steel stainless or tool steel blade with a sharp edge that can cut through hide and fillet freshly-caught fish. And some of the best modern hunting knives leverage premium materials to create lightweight knives that perform above their weight class.

It is an affiliate link farm, but much more than that. And his choices are good. I would have swapped the new Buck Alpha Hunter in place of the 113 Ranger, and I like Hogues equivalent of the Benchmade Altitude. Better ergos for my mid-sized paw.


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