EverydayCommentary: 2023 Q3 Carries

About a year ago, a reader sent me an email that basically said: I made a drop in for the Haiku that brings its specs up to modern standards do you want it? The answer, of course, was yes. After unscrewing the old module I installed the new one and like that the Haiku, which was still a pretty good light with old LED and board, was now a state of the art flashlight again. Like dropping a new engine into a classic car, the drop in made the Haiku amazing. Its a bit bigger than what I carry most of the time, but its hard to beat a light that does everything perfectly. The 146 is, of course, amazing and now that my Lamy 2000 is dead, it is my daily writer. Mont Blancs just work better than every other fountain pen I have used in terms of being a daily writer. They just go. There is no start up, no skipping, just writing. And then there is the Invictus ATC. It is a great looking knife, but its a bit quirky. I have a bit of a drifting pivot that I have to fix and the thumb studs are brutal, but the knife is almost broken in and so I am hoping to have it squared away soon. I probably wouldn’t bother with a less beautiful knife, but the ATC is about as gorgeous as folders get in my opinion.

I can’t use a fountain pen since I am left handed. However, I have a Mont Blanc cartidge pen that mom got me for my 18th birthday. Heck of a writing pen.

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