EverydayCommentary: Burchtree Bladeworks Euclid Review

Michael Burch is unquestionably one of the best custom knifemakers working today. His designs are distinctive and interesting and his knives are highly sought after. Like a lot of custom makers, he offers production versions of his knives so that more people can get his knives in their pockets. Some are collaborations with production companies, but many of his more recent offerings are self-published blades made by Reate. His most recent self-published blade is the Euclid. It is a very interesting knife and it serves as a milestone of sorts for where the knife business was and is headed. The name is fitting because this is a knife made interesting by its curves and angles. But some of them are good and some are not my favorite design choice. Let’s dig into this really engaging but flawed knife.

Here is a link to the product page. There are a slew of different Euclids. The variations come in two forms—different inserts and different anodizing on the handle. The micarta and weave CF inserts cost $350 while the marbled CF costs $380. Here is a video review.

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