EverydayCOmmentary: Focusworks F2 Flashlight Review

When you think of custom flashlights you probably have some heavily machined, kilobuck and kilolumen design pop into your head—a McGizmo glittering jewel or some micro marvel by Gyorgy Kemenes—a simple aluminum bodied 1xAA format light is probably not your first mental image. But the Focusworks F2 is a custom (or small batch) light that is definitely worth consideration. If you want a custom light that is not precious or a piece of jewelry, but instead an easy-to-use tool, this is a light you should consider.

Here is the product page. Here is a review of the F2 from ZeroAir (which spurred me to purchase this light). Here is a video review. Here is my F2 review sample (purchased with my own money):

I have been messing around with flashlights a bit more lately. Made a concerted effort to look at them at Blade Show, but still don’t feel like I know enough to really opine.

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