EverydayCommentary: Vosteed x Reylight Rook Review

As you can tell from the Zebralight review I recently posted, I think production flashlights have been going in the wrong direction for a while now. They are not great. Most have swelled to use the 18650 cell making them all but unpocketable for non-EDCers (we have a mental illness that makes us think that things like the Espada XL or some of the new Maxace knives are “pocketable”). They prioritize lumens over runtime and color rendering. And they have confounding UIs. The market is brimming with quantity over quality. The line between lights you find at the Big Box stores and those found on enthusiast sites is shrinking every day.

As this is happening, we have serious stagnation in the line up of legacy makers. Surefire hasn’t released a new interesting light in ages, instead slightly tweaking old lights or redesigning their body tubes. Faced with an onslaught of competition that is cheaper and brighter, the legacy makers have chosen to ignore the enthusiast market.

These are grim days in the flashlight world.

I learned as much about the larger flashlight scene as I did about the light in question.

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