Knife Magazine February 2021

February 2021 Print Issue is on its way…

Hey Everyone…

Even in a normal month, I have a hard time keeping track of which issue is our current one. This month is even worse. It is currently monday, 2/1/2021. Press day for the March issue is Wednesday, and that is where a significant amount of my mental bandwidth is going. At the same time, I need to begin to promote our February issue, which is the current one. Problem is this past month has been spent dealing with delivery issues (or more specific lack of delivery) of our January issue. For those who are not sure what I am talking about, you can read more here:

Missing your January print issue? Please read on…


Between that and trying to cover the new releases in the absence of SHOT Show, I have barely started to share articles from January here on the website. I did share the issue in its entirety. You can access it with the password “ThanksUSPS”:

Protected: January 2021 issue (password required) for Print Subscribers

But here we go with February 2021, which mailed 1/15, and should hopefully begin to arrive in the next week or two. Depending on if the United States Postal Service decides to do its job or not.

The “Trendsetters” article is the longest we have ever put out in a single issue. It is a really good overview of some of the most influential makers and innovators who led us the Custom Knife world to where it stands today.

That is on top of all of our regular columns from Knife Rights, AKTI, the ABS, Bruce Voyles, Bernard Levine, and others.

Hopefully it arrives in a timely manner this month, but we appreciate your patience in the mean time.