Frank Karl: Christmas Knife Connections

Is it too late to brag about Christmas presents?

My wife got me a Microtech Zombietech 85 OTF for Christmas and backed it up with a vintage Zombietech tee-shirt.  It is way too cool and I’ve wanted one for years!

I’ve always liked Microtech. They make a high-end knife with tight precision. That drives the price up, but makes for an amazing knife. Knife designer Greg Lightfoot has remarked that these tolerances are what makes Microtech factory knives so close to custom-designed knives: “It has the same quality as a handmade custom.”

You might not be familiar with Microtech Knives. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Beginning in 1994, Susan and Anthony Marfione created Microtech with a simple idea: Create the best knives possible. Like many entrepreneurs they started in their apartment and later moved to a storage bay in Vero Beach, Florida.

Now headquartered in Western North Carolina Microtech Knives operates with the same mission statement: Make the best knives possible. This concept has grown the company to over 150 employees.

I don’t own any Microtechs myself. For the price I would rather buy a custom. And they are too expensive for them to just give me one. Good old fashioned standoff.

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