Gear Junkie: Drowning in Similarity – Dealing With Knife Glut in the World of EDC

As a regular contributor to GearJunkie, my inbox is frequently beset by knife makers offering up new models for review. Now, this isn’t a complaint. I’m fully aware that, as an EDC hobbyist, getting to test the very latest is an enviable position. But when sorting through which offers to accept and which to decline, certain patterns jump out.

Take the new Civivi Qubit, for instance. When the email offer landed, I was initially intrigued. I looked at it — saw clean lines, attractive colors, and a form factor that’s as familiar as it is classic. But the problem began as I typed up my review pitch for the editors. Normally, we’re looking for some kind of hook, or a distinguishing feature that sets a new knife apart from the pack.

And though I tried my best, here’s what I came up with in the end:

“The Civivi Qubit is a new pocket knife. It has a blade, a lock, a pocket clip, and a handle. The blade is made of steel, and it can be painted black, or not. Heck, you can even get a swirly pattern if you’re feeling fancy. There’s also plenty of aluminum, which is the same material Bud Light comes packaged in. After carefully reading the instructions, you can use the thumb studs to open the blade and cut things! Boy oh boy, this new Qubit sure is a pocket knife.”

An interesting lament, but one I am sympathetic to. 70% of my EDCs sit unused because there is nothing terribly special about them.

Read the whole thing:

Drowning in Similarity: Dealing With Knife Glut in the World of EDC