GearPatrol: 15 Essential Everyday Carry (EDC) Items Under $25

Your everyday carry (EDC) could consist of everything from pocket knives to cardholder wallets; pens and writing pads to flashlights and battery packs; your trusty phone to your favorite water bottle. Needless to say, it is a massive category of gear that, even if you’re unaware of the concept, you probably participate in.

OK.  It is a listicle. But it is a phenomenal one. Or at least I was blown away at how many of these I have. Opinel 8, SAK Classic, Gerber Shard, Field Note book, and SOG Key Knife. All of which are products I endorse fully. The SOG Key knife is unexpectedly good. I have had several over the years. Even reviewed it at TTAK.

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