GearPatrol: Is the CRKT Pilar III your best EDC Option?

There are two types of people in the world: Those who carry a pocket knife, and those who don’t. In my experience, once you’ve given the non-carriers a taste of knife life — and the usefulness therein — they quickly switch teams without a look back.

But, picking a pocket knife for everyday use can feel like a daunting task. There are features, materials and capabilities that can overwhelm a newbie. So allow me to do the heavy lifting and humbly submit , the best overall pocket knife you can buy today.

I’ve had a plenty of pocket knives in my time — I started out with my grandfather’s Swiss Army Knife whittling sticks as a kid, and from there have tried my hand with several different blades. I appreciate an uncomplicated design; often, the most seemingly simple items seem so due to a hell of a lot of background engineering.

Which brings us to the Pilar III — a practical design that’s straightforward enough for the most inexperienced wielder of knives to handle but built with enough know-how to keep die-hard enthusiasts satisfied, as well.

I agree with most of this review. There are certainly a wide range of options that meet the parameters outlined, but the Pilar III is definitely a strong contender.

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