GearPatrol: The Best Hori Hori Garden Knives

While you may already know the Japanese word hori hori means dig dig– an onomatopoeia that expresses the sound of digging, these garden knives were first used by the Matagi to harvest hearty spring mountain vegetables known as Sensai. The convex blade was crafted for the tasks of digging up spring shoots and tubers, and the serrated edge easily cuts through stalks and stems. Worn at the hip, the hori hori is built for foraging.

While In our testing we preferred some features above others, truly the differences were minimal and all the hori hori knives below will perform the tasks at hand. Much like with pocket knives, the ultimate gardening knife is just the one that you think looks the coolest. That said, here’s the nitty gritty on what to look for in a good garden knife.

I know it is an affiliate link farm, but it provides some interesting information on the style. I think I might drop $27 on the first one from the list. I will be putting my garden in in a couple of weeks.

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