GearPatrol: The EDC “Knife” I Use Most Often Isn’t a Knife at All

I own what the average person might describe as “a lot” of pocket knives. My Opinel No. 8 is a “desk knife.” My Böker Plus Urban Trapper is a “dress knife.” And my is ostensibly the all-important EDC. But the “knife” I use the most isn’t actually a knife at all. That’s what makes it so useful.

The Shard is what Gerber calls its little keychain multitool, and theoretically it has seven functions. In my experience, it really has about three.

The first function is a bottle opener — always nice to have on hand. And then there’s the mediocre-but-always-handy Philips head screwdriver. On the business end is a combination wire stripper-puller, flathead driver and pry bar. Or, for most of my purposes, the knife-ish bit.

The cover photo shows one well loved Shard. I have a couple but they are not nearly so used. Probably my favorite keychain tool.

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