GearPatrol: The James Brand Just Got an Heirloom Upgrade

Masters of minimalism, The James Brand excels at designing everyday carry gear — especially knives — that offer the perfect balance between craftsmanship and usefulness. However, for those who appreciate a bit of refined, old-school style, their catalog might seem a bit lacking. Luckily, that’s a gap the brand has just filled with its new Sycamore Collection — a trio of preexisting pocket knives given an heirloom upgrade in the form of (you guessed it) Sycamore wood handle scales.

Typically used in fine woodworking, the kind you’d find in custom cabinetry, furniture and even high-end musical instruments, sycamore wood has a distinct burled pattern — waves of grain that look almost topographic, like a photo NASA might take of the Earth from high up in orbit. That stunning patterning also comes with an added benefit; it means no two of these knives, even two of the same model, will look exactly alike (tl;dr each knife is unique and one-of-a-kind).

I have been warming to the James Brand a little bit, especially as they have added some USA made offerings. They have been starting to work more with folks in the industry, and have reached out to us. I still want to get my hands on one. These Sycamore knives do look nice.

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That said, you could get minimalist aesthetic with wood handles for a lot less in this limited edition Opinel…

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