GearPatrol: The James Brand Warrick Rethinks the EDC Tool

The “Swiss Army knife,” a term that now serves as shorthand in our vernacular for flexibility and adaptability, is part of why we think this way. That’s because, in  for its soldiers, which included at least one other essential tool – a screwdriver – to assist with maintaining their service rifles. Much later, Tim Leatherman – yup the tool name comes from his actual last name – wormed the notion deeper into our collective psyche with his creation of the Pocket Survival Tool in 1983.

This is all to say that it’s more than somewhat ironic now that everyday carry has reached a tipping point in its evolution where the screwdriver and pocket knife are now going their separate ways.

But from another perspective, it also makes total sense. Using the screwdrivers found on most multi-tools is often a great way to trigger a personal meltdown. Just consider this piece of damning evidence; Leatherman sells  for its line multi-tool to help make the act of screwing and unscrewing stuff somewhat more manageable.

$85 is “on brand” for The James Brand. That said, it is a creative idea, and looks like a successful design. In the category of “I am not going to buy it, but if someone gives it to me it looks like I would use it”.

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