Graham Ledger: Blades for Brothers provides knife-making instruction for veterans, first responders

Veteran Greg Coker is sharing his passion for forging knives and its positive impact on his life with others. Coker is inviting veterans and first responders to free instructional classes at his home in Graham as a way to build fellowship and give them purpose.

Coker was an AH-6 helicopter pilot for the U.S. Army in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (The Night Stalkers), for 15 years. He conducted 11 combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001-2007.

His passion for knife making came after his retired buddies encouraged him to get into the hobby. He took the plunge and forged his first knife using a coal forge in 2021. From there, Coker bought a forge, a one-inch grinder and an anvil and started what would become a passion and a purpose.

“Now I know why the vets do this, because it’s therapy and it gives us a purpose, it gives us a mission and that’s how we’re wired,” he said.

Coker had multiple head injuries and after seeing the positive impact knife making had following his annual checkup, he wanted to keep the hobby going.

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