Hocky’s Corner: A belated album of Moran Festival pictures

KNIFE Magazine subscriber and regular online commenter Rick H., affectionately known as “Hocky”, sent me a bunch of photos in quick succession both from his acquisitions he has mentioned in our Weekend Open Threads, as well as several from the recent “All Forged” show at the recent Moran Festival. I have been so remiss in getting them up that I had accumulated enough that I decided to just make a whole post out of them.

First, he sent these pictures of the pouring of the slab at the Hendrickson Pavilion at the Moran site. 15 years ago!



That is Robert Wilson, Moran Foundation President


Concrete Crew

Now there is a full, climate controlled teaching facility. But a lot of folks got their start in the pavilion.

Mark was there too.  He took this one…

Hocky sent some knife photos from the show. The description of these three is a Moran Sheath, Knuckles, and Warren. I am sure Hocky will clarify if I make a mistake.

He also sent some other photos from the recent Mason Dixon Knife Club show…

John Britt , “Cannon Bluff Forge”, Woodbridge Virginia; www.cannonbluffforge.com. Sole authorship on the whole shebang! Custom crafted wood presentation box included. Very comfortable in the hand! Jimping on the spine! The “fish hook impregnated canister Damascus” should appeal to anglers

Thank you Hocky. I apologize for not sharing in a more timely manner. Beautiful pieces. I like that little pocket fixed blade.