How to Scrimshaw

How to Scrimshaw Parts 1&2 with Gaetan Beauchamp

Canadian Gaetan Beauchamp is not just a phenomenal knifemaker, he is also a master at the art of scrimshaw. In what is one of the coolest words in the English language, that makes Gaetan a “Scrimshander”.  In addition to being the subject of our July 2016 cover article, which is free for everyone to read.

From the Archives: Gaetan Beauchamp – Knifemaker and Scrimshander

But for our Premium Online Subscribers, we are highlighting the pair of “How-To scrimshaw “specific articles from our archives…August 2018, and July 2019.

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How to Scrimshaw

Basic Scrimshaw #1


Basic Scrimshaw #2


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