Jason Knight Brings Back His Take on the Bird and Trout

Bladesmith Jason Knight has a fresh batch of the Jurassic Bird and Trout out now, a little knife with a pretty long history in Knight’s lineup.

The Jurassic was first designed and produced back in 2012. Knight, best known for large knives, wanted to create small knife that could hang with its bigger brothers. That’s what the “Jurassic” in the name really indicates: this is definitely a “bird and trout” pattern, but burlier and with more straight-up attitude than the traditional versions. Knight’s Jurassic had been out of circulation for about ten years before he decided to bring it back recently.

This ’23 batch comes with 2.95 drop point blades made from 80CrV2, a carbon steel that, as is often the case with steels in that class, is very durable, while being no slouch in the edge holding department either. An acid wash finish gives this tool steel a cool look and a bit of add corrosion resistance.

I could have easily let this one slide by, since it is a week old and I am still getting caught up. But I spoke with Jason at Blade Show, and he agreed to do a 5 from the Grinder. So he is front of mind at the moment. Besides, I really like the knife.

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Jason Knight Brings Back His Take on the Bird and Trout