Knife Informer: Gerber Savvy Review

I’ll cop to it right away – we’ve been reviewing a large amount of Gerber products lately and this is mostly because they’ve been on a product renaissance as of late.  We’ve reviewed several Gerber knives – the Asada Micarta, Sedulo, and Fastball in the past few years, as well as the innovative Dual-Force Multitool.  And while all of these tools (well, except the Asada Micarta) have been likeable, well-designed tools, none of them have really been high-end EDC pieces.  The Sedulo sort of comes close in terms of function, but certainly not materials – it’s a working man’s knife, with textured polymer handles and a stonewashed S30V blade – hardly pocket jewelry.  I really liked the reach upmarket the Sedulo made, though – comparing favorably to perennial fan favorite, the Benchmade Griptilian.

I haven’t played with the Savvy myself. But I love Knife Informer reviews.  He has a very personable writing style.

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