KNIFE Magazine Knife News: June 2024 Edition

Each month I share my Knife News column from the current issue. By the time I do this, the news is not always the timeliest, but it can give you a sense of what I feel is important. There are only 4 slots each month, and often some worthy items end up not making the cut.

In this case, June is Blade Show month, and the issue that we give out at the show. I get to include the line “You can see them at Blade Show Booth XXXX”, which I am certain has at least a small effect people dropping by a booth. It certainly seems appreciated by the folks we cover.


Vosteed Knives taps Geoff Blauvelt for Psyop

The latest design from up and coming Vosteed Cutlery is called the Psyop. It is a collaboration with Geoff Blauvelt. Blauvelt makes his knives under the label Tuffknives, as well as being known for his factory custom regrinds which can be seen on his Youtube channel, tuffthumbz. His designs have been produced by several companies including ProTech, Boker, and Kansept.

Blauvelt describes the inspiration for the Psyop as “part Bob Lum Dejavoo, part Sebenza, with a bit of Strider mixed in.” The Vosteed Psyop is a titanium handled front-flipper, with an oblong thumb hole as a secondary means of deployment. It has a back mounted liner lock, which operates via a 3D milled titanium button. The drop point blade is 3.32” of Uddeholm Elmax SuperClean steel, with prominent finger choil, riding on caged ceramic ball bearings. Handles are available smooth or textured, black with a coated blade, or natural titanium with satin finish. Retail price is $249.

You can find Vosteed Cutlery at Blade Show booth #949, or on the web at You can see more of Geoff’s work on Instagram (@tuffknives).


New Ocaso Duo is functional “Office Art”

Ric Valdez founded Ocaso Knives in 2022 following his departure from Cold Steel, where he had been a Vice President. Headquartered in Ojai, California, Ocaso has produced knives designed by Andrew Demko, Mike Wallace, Kurt Merriken, and David Seaton. Joining this quartet of designers on the latest Ocaso release is industry veteran Wes Crawford.

Crawford’s new design is called the Duo Desk Knife, and is meant to be displayed and used as a conversation piece in an executive office. Consisting of a pair of oppositional chisel ground blades, the pair meshes almost seamlessly together, being held in place by rare-earth magnets. The Duo can be used as a unit or individually, but most unique ability is that one can reverse the blades and by utilizing the forward magnet as a pivot, fashion the duo in to a rudimentary pair of scissors. Instead of carrying the Duo in a sheath, Ocaso provides a walnut display stand, emblazoned with a stainless Ocaso logo badge.

The knives themselves have 2.75” wharncliffe or spear point blades, made from Japanese 420J2 Stainless Steel, and weighing 3oz for the pair. Retail price is 149.99. You can reach Ocaso knives at (805) 500-8043 or through their website


Knafs Lander 3 touches down before Blade Show

When Ben Petersen left BladeHQ for a job outside the knife industry, many figured he wouldn’t be able to stay away. He and his with Athena started a side hustle they called Knafs. Starting with a self produced and locally printed infographic poster, the company has expanded with several OEM releases of Ben’s designs, including the Lander family with its newest member, the Lander 3. Their once garage-based company now boasts several employees and a brick and mortar warehouse and storefront in Clearfield, Utah.

The Lander 2 was bigger and better, and for the new Lander 3 they kept the better (S35VN Steel and a crossbar lock), but returned to the original 2.75” blade size. Or as Ben puts it, “Lander 3 is the upgraded Lander 1– better steel, better lock. Same lovely size that will make all your wildest dreams come true, probably”. (MSRP $124.99)

As on many of his models, Ben has open-sourced the CAD file for the scales. As a result, a sort of “cottage industry” has arisen around his knives. One need only do a quick Pinterest or eBay search to find myriad examples for sale. Or, if one has access to a 3D printer or CNC, simply download the file and do it yourself. The possibilities are endless.

You can visit Ben and the Knafs booth at Blade Show (#643), or you can find out more at


KA-BAR’s State and Union releases MagnaCut Becker design

If you are like most people, when you think of a KA-BAR, the iconic USMC Fighting Knife comes to mind. However, if you are a member of the bushcraft community, there is a chance the next knife that comes to mind is the venerable BK16. Long available in coated 1095 steel, the BK16 has a new MagnaCut cousin, the BK76.

The new BK76 is not an exact copy of the 16, but the inspiration is unmistakable. There are manufacturing differences and the specs deviate slightly.This limited release from KA-BAR’s State and Union shop has a slightly larger 4.88” blade with a satin finish and distinctive denim blue canvas micarta scales. Both the BK76 and its Celcon polymer sheath are manufactured in the USA. MSRP is $275.

According to Becker, “I am delighted to see my favorite blade in what I believe to be the finest of the new cutlery steels…MagnaCut is hard to beat, especially if you spend a lot of your outdoor time in wet and or saltwater environments.”

KA-BAR will be exhibiting at Blade Show Booth #605. You can reach KA-BAR at 800-282-0130 or through their website


It was cool to see most of these in person at the Blade Show. And meet some makers I have gotten quotes from for past pieces.