KNIFE Magazine September 2022

KNIFE Magazine September 2022 issue Sneak Peek

Hey everyone. Fall is upon us. Went to my first High School football game last Friday, College Football kicks off this Saturday, and the September 2022 issue of KNIFE Magazine is on its way to subscribers.

We always try to bring a wide range of topics, but this month is exceptional. Military knife fans have a great Fairbairn-Sykes article from Ron Flook, plus cover marker Michael W. Silvey is an author of several books on military knives. Many of which can be purchased in our online bookstore. Silvey also covers the Custom Maker niche, plus maker Jamin Brackett’s article about taking a class from Chris Williams (Wilmont Grinders) hits it from the custom maker’s point of view. Neal Punchard has knife collector’s covered and Wilson Offutt’s Field Trial of the Spyderco YoJumbo will be of interest to the modern production knife crowd.

This plus all our regular features including Artistry in Knives, Knife News, Bruce on the Loose, Whut Izzit?, and much more.

The issue is not up online yet, but should be soon. If you are not yet a Premium Online Member, now might be a good time to take the plunge. You can peruse 40 years of Knife World and KNIFE Magazine archives. You can then read the September issue online at your convenience.