Knife Rights Celebrates #FreeTheKnivesNYC / Kizer Kesmec Giveaway

Wednesday (8/7) is Day 68 of our 100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway. It seemed like an opportunity to give away a knife that was actually donated by Knife Magazine Publisher Mark Zalesky as opposed to by the manufacturer. We have fallen a little out of touch with Kizer ever since our contact person there departed for parts unknown. Since the Kizer Kesmec which Mark donated was his thank you gift for his donation to the  2018 Knife Rights Ultimate Steel Spectacular.

2019’s edition of Ultimate Steel ended this past week, and the winners will be contacted in order of selection. In hindsight, we probably should have thought to give this one away last week, but press deadline is this week and we are a bit distracted. So instead we will share this latest press release from Knife Rights, and add our thank you to Assemblymember Quart and all the others who worked so hard to finally get gravity knife reform across the finish line, despite enormous hurdles to overcome.

From The Outdoor Wire:

Last week a small celebration was held in New York City to recognize all the many good people who contributed to the victory over NYC to stop the unconstitutional and immoral Gravity Knife arrests and prosecutions of honest folks carrying common folding knives.

Here Doug Ritter is shown presenting Assmeblymember Dan Quart with his Freedom’s Edge™ award. His tenacity and perseverance were key to getting the state’s Gravity Knife Ban repealed.

Thanks to New York’s own @kabarknives for donating the awards for the evening. Everyone left with a specially engraved KA-BAR Jarosz Spear Point folder which could have gotten anyone in New York City arrested and prosecuted, potentially for a felony, just a couple months ago. On the front of the blade is engraved May 30, 2019 #FreeThenKnivesNYC and the back side has the Knife Rights logo.

You can read more at the link.

Now back to the knife.

I have had a Knife Rights edition Kesmec as well. It has been part of my EDC rotation for the past year, and I have been quite happy with it. It was my first Kizer, and I immediately felt the quality.  I have since added a Kizer Sheepdog as well.

The ergos are great. The handle really fills my hand, and the knife’s manual action flips open easily. The detent is overcome by swiping your thumb in the generous cutaway. The weight of the blade provides enough inertia to keep it moving until it locks home with an extremely satisfying clack.

The fit and finish are what I have observed across Kizer’s lineup – fantastic. Lockup is great, blade is perfectly centered, edges melted comfortably, and I could keep going.

As you can see, the liner lock is quite robust.

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