KnifeInformer: AMZ-bf Gerber Assert Review

There’s an old idiom that says “good things come in small packages” – that just because something’s small doesn’t mean it’s not worth admiration.  I think that’s certainly true when it comes to pocket knives, because my bell curve of greatness skews to the left, where I find a lot more utility and usefulness and general enjoyment in small knives.  I know there are compelling use cases for a Becker BK-9 Combat Bowie, with its 9” long blade, but they certainly aren’t mine.  What am I really going to do with a 4” folding knife, either?  Sure, I want a Cold Steel 4-Max – with its huge blade, bomb-proof lock, sculpted G10 scales and titanium liners, and crazy ergonomics.  But what am I actually going to do with a 10.2 ounce pocket knife other than complain about it?

Bottom line for the author is that it is an excellent knife that does not distinguish itself enough to justify buying over a Bugout. A fair assessment IMHO.

Gerber Assert Review