KnifeInformer: Kershaw Heist Review

According to, a Heist is either a noun – “a robbery or a holdup” – or a verb, “to take unlawfully, or to rob or hold up.”  The implication is that something’s being stolen right out from under your nose.  After carrying the Heist for a while, I think I may have figured out whose family heirlooms Kershaw is stealing out from under their nose, but we’ll get to that later.

First, some background: this is yet another sliding-bar lock knife from a company that didn’t previously dabble in them.  While Kershaw is certainly not new to making folding knives (they’ve been in the business since 1974), only this past year have they introduced their first sliding-bar lock knives, or AXIS-style lock knives.  As we’ve mentioned in previous reviews, including knives from Gerber, SOG, and Ritter/Hogue, after the functional patent on the AXIS lock expired, other manufacturers were able to integrate it into their knives, just not using the same name.  Thus, we have the Kershaw DuraLock, another new name on a familiar concept – a spring-driven lock bar that slides in a channel over the top of the blade tang to hold it in place.

I haven’t seen many Kershaws I have liked in the past couple of years. I would carry this one.

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Kershaw Heist Review