One of the most common questions I get under my YouTube videos: “Hey man, why don’t you make videos on more affordable knives?”

I get it. While I love high-end boutique knives with premium materials like M390 steel and titanium just as much as the next guy, I understand that not everyone can drop a lot of cash on their knife collection. This is especially true if they’re investing in Patriot NFTs or their kids’ welding school tuition like the rest of us.  It’s important to showcase a range of options at different price points and for those just starting out or looking to add an affordable, well-crafted fixed blade to their collection.

The Canary ticks a lot of boxes in terms of design, materials, and overall value, making it a worthy contender in the budget-friendly fixed blade category.

Nothing earthshaking, but I like the vaguely Kephart-like spear point.

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QSP Canary Review: Budget-Friendly Fixed Blade