KnifeInformer: Spyderco Shaman vs. PM2: A Knife Nerd’s In-Depth Comparison

Throughout my knife-reviewing journey, I’ve had the pleasure of checking out some pretty sweet blades. Even though I might’ve missed a few popular models that every other channel and their grandma have reviewed, Blade Ops recently hooked me up with their exclusive Spyderco Shaman. Now, I know what you’re thinking—isn’t the Shaman old news? Sure it is, but since it’s Youtube we need to really beat it into the ground. So let’s dive deep into the Spyderco Shaman vs. PM2 debate.

Key Takeaways

  • The Spyderco Shaman is like a love child between the Native and PM2—Native design cues, PM2 size, and a compression lock.
  • Spyderco exclusives, like the Blade Ops Shaman in Elmax and gray G10, can trigger our knife-nerd brains to fill that void in our collections.
  • The Shaman is about an ounce heavier than the PM2, has a spearpoint blade, and has less distal tapering.
  • Both the Shaman and PM2 have Spyderco’s awesome compression lock on phosphor bronze washers, but the Shaman can be a fidget monster with its drop-shut action.
  • The Shaman’s sculpted G10 handles are comfortable and curvy while the PM2’s ergonimics are still solid.
  • Whether you’re Team Shaman or Team PM2, both knives are straight-up bangers with Spyderco’s genius design and top-notch craftsmanship

Interesting written review from “Advanced Knife Bro”. I have shared his YouTube videos before. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of the compression lock, so I would probably take a pass on both.

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Spyderco Shaman vs. PM2: A Knife Nerd’s In-Depth Comparison