KnifeInformer: Vosteed Morel Review

Since the brand’s inception in 2021, Vosteed Knives – created by founder Yue Dong (@doctor_edc on instagram) – has avoided making the same carbon-copy knives that every other affordable knife brand on the market is cranking out. Our first view of a Vosteed knife was the Nightshade LT, a modern interpretation of a Shilin cutter with an eye towards food prep, combined with modern production methods and technology (like flipper deployment and ball bearings.) Then we checked out the Raccoon, an affordable everyday carry staple with a button lock, followed by the funky Corgi slim folder with its Trek Lock mechanism design by Yue. In this article, we’re looking at the Morel, a design collaboration with Rob Saniscalchi of RS Knifeworks – the second collab with Vosteed after the high-end RSKAOS folder in M390 and titanium handles with a unique top-mounted liner lock.

Rob’s inspiration for the Morel comes from Learn Your Land, a series of videos and courses on the topic of nature and foraging hosted by Adam Haritan. The Morel is named after one of the most famous and desirable foraged fungi, the Morchella, which at the time of writing covers more than 30 different species – a number that’s under considerable debate to this day. Since Morels are difficult or nearly impossible to cultivate, and they’re extremely desirable in high-end cuisine, they’ve inspired a fanatic-like foraging culture around them. They grow all over the world, and especially in recently burned forests. The Morel (the knife) is designed with an eye towards foraging, with the initial prototype being presented to Adam Haritan as a sign of gratitude for his courses and knowledge.

I am rooting for Vosteed, because Yu is a buddy of mine. Looking forward to seeing him in June. We correspond weekly.

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Vosteed Morel Review