KnifeInformer: Vosteed Thunderbird Review

With so many knife manufacturers to choose from, the Chinese-made knife market is quite saturated with knife after knife of the same ingredients, style, and features. So, how does a company like Vosteed stand alone when compared to the likes of WE, Reate, Kizer and others? I’d make the argument that a knife like the Thunderbird is the answer to that question. Sure, it’s using many of the commonly found aspects of folders from across the pond, but it’s boasting some unique features and quality that allows it to stand alone, and keeps the price point feasible for knife afficionados of all walks of life. With more deployment methods than there are stars in the sky, frag pattern titanium, and a sleekly styled blade, does the Thunderbird have what it takes to compete with page after page of offerings from similar companies? Let’s thunder on through the details, and see what makes the Thunderbird appealing over many other similar offerings

Vosteed has a bunch of new models. I am covering a different one in the March Knife News column.

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Vosteed Thunderbird Review