adds “Vapor” Kydex

Here is some really big news for the holster making business. This is the latest material introduced by KYDEX. It is called “Vapor”. It is a semi-transparent sheet that performs exactly like KYDEX-T. It does not crack or break when formed and feels exactly like the sheet material that you know and love. We have been testing it for several weeks and it is the real deal. We guarantee it!

We will start shipping it out to customers next week. Our expected launch date is next Friday, September 29th. However, if we can get it posted to our websites before that that date, we’ll let it fly. This is an exclusive product that KYDEX developed for the holster business and we’re very honored that they chose us to launch it with. It will not be available for general purchase through local distributors. Please contact us if you want to discuss it in more detail.

I should pick some up to play around with. I have some knives with crappy leather sheaths that I hate. I think I can do better.

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